• Get your phone location on a map instantly
  • Lock your phone remotely and display owner info on phone screen
  • Get thief's phone number and front face photo!
  • Keep remote control and track phone location even after SIM change
  • Wipe your contacts, calendar, messages, and images remotely
  • Feel secure about your phone and your data
  • If lost, increase the chance to get your precious phone back
  • If stolen, handover all the info to the police

To start using Track&Protect

  1. Download Track&Protect application from this page for free*.
  2. Install this application on your phone and set your passcode.
  3. Web account is automatically created for you.
  4. Log into your personal web account from this page using your phone number and passcode.
  5. Buy credits from your account.
  6. Then send silent commands from the Web to the phone: get location, lock, unlock, alarm, wipe, get camera image.
*Track&Protect application can also be downloaded from Application Store on your phone.

Track&Protect Video


Having had a £300 phone 'saved' by Track and Protect means it did the job it was designed to do. More than that, it was the extra functionality, the picture-taking ability, that really saved the day for me. Recommending as an essential download for every smartphone owner.

TnP allows you to locate you phone if stolen, and remotely take photos, initiate calls, lock or wipe the phone, and even sound an alarm. It will also send you a text message if the thief inserts a new SIM card. It's a very cool application that you ought to check out.

Track&Protect Features

Periodic passcode check on phone  
Passcode check at phone startup  
Auto phone lock at SIM change  
Send thief's photo after 3 wrong unlock attempts *  
Lock screen with owner details and return reward  
Report thief's location at SIM change  
Report thief's phone number by SMS  
Remote phone lock *  
Remote phone lock with sound alarm *  
Remote phone unlock *  
Remote phone wipe *  
Take front and main camera images remotely *  
Get phone location on map *  

* These features stay available even after SIM change.


Some features of Track&Protect use SMS messages for communication with your phone (see the Features table above). These features require credits that can be purchased from your web account.